LCD black and white response time

by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
The so-called black and white response time is the speed at which each pixel of the LCD screenreacts to the input signal, that is, the time required for the pixel to turn from dark to bright or from bright to dark (the principle is to apply a voltage in the liquid crystal molecules to twist and recover the liquid crystal molecules) . The often said 25ms and 16ms refer to this response time. The shorter the response time, the less the user will feel the trailing shadow when watching the dynamic screen. Generally, the black and white response time is divided into two parts: rise time and fall time, and the expression time is subject to the sum of the two. In the CRT display, as long as the electron beam hits the phosphor, it can emit light immediately, and the glow residual time is extremely short, so the response time of the traditional CRT display is only 1 to 3 ms. Therefore, the response time is generally not mentioned by people in CRT monitors. Since the LCD screenuses the twisting of the liquid crystal molecules to control the on and off of light, and the twisting of the liquid crystal molecules requires a process, the response time of the LCD display is significantly longer than that of the CRT. From the early 25ms to the well-known 16ms to the recent 12ms or even 8ms, the response time has been continuously shortened, and the old concept that liquid crystal displays are not suitable for entertainment is being greatly challenged. You can do a simple conversion first: 30 millisecondsu003d1/0.030u003ddisplay 33 frames per second; 25 millisecondsu003d1/0.025u003ddisplay 40 frames per second; 16 millisecondsu003d1/0.016u003ddisplay 63 frames per second Frame picture; 12 millisecondsu003d1/0.012u003dShow 83 picture frames per second. It can be seen that the birth of 12ms means a huge progress in LCD manufacturing. But it should be noted that liquid crystal displays have a scan frequency limitation, especially for field frequency (also called refresh rate), many of which are limited to below 75Hz, and in general terms, 75Hz means refreshing 75 frames per second Picture, it looks like it can't reach the 83 frames per second corresponding to 12ms. In fact, the 12ms response time we mentioned above is for the time required to switch between all-black and all-white images. The driving voltage required for switching between all-white and all-black images is relatively high, so the switching speed is relatively high. Fast, up to 12ms; in practical applications, most of the gray-scale images are switched (the essence is that the liquid crystal is not completely twisted and not completely transparent), and the required driving voltage is relatively low, so the switching speed is relatively slow. Therefore, since 2005, many manufacturers have begun to emphasize the importance of gray-scale response time, but gray-scale response time can be improved by special methods, so there is no clear correspondence with black and white response time, which is equivalent to a brand new description. Response time parameter. According to the data, the response time is 30 milliseconds u003d 1/0.030 u003d the display can display 33 frames per second, which can already meet the needs of DVD playback; the response time is 25 milliseconds u003d 1/0.025 u003d the display can display 40 frames per second The picture fully meets the needs of DVD playback and most games; while playing fierce action games (such as QUAKEIII, UT2003, DOMMIII), speed chase and other games to achieve no smear, the required picture display speed is all To be more than 60 frames per second, that is, the required response time u003d 1/per second, the display can display 60 frames of images u003d 16.6 milliseconds. The above information is collected and compiled by Shenzhen LCM LCD screen manufacturer-Xingyuhe Electronics.
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