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LCD Brightness and LCD Requirements for Backlight

by:Kimeery     2023-03-27
LCD Brightness and LCD's Requirements for Backlight mobile phone LCD Brightness Brightness represents the brightness of the screen per unit area. Specifically, the density of light passing through the normal direction of the screen. The unit is [cd/m2] or expressed in nits. (1 nit = cd/m2). Brightness depends on the amount of light passing through the mobile LCD screen cell and color filter, and the brightness of the backlight. LCD requirements for backlight: 1. There should be better light transmittance for liquid crystals; 2. Light weight; 3. It should be thin and not easily damaged; 4. A surface light source with uniform brightness is best; 5. Low cost; 6. The light color is pleasing to the eye, the base color is rich, and the brightness can be adjusted; 7. Low power consumption, easy power supply. TFT-LCD LCD screenmanufacturers PMOLED display AMOLED display

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