LCD display mode and type list

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
The LCD screen mode is divided into two types: positive display and negative display. Positive display means that the display part is opaque, and the non-display part is light-transmissive, commonly known as bright and dark characters; negative display means that the display part is transparent, and the non-display part is opaque, commonly known as dark Bright words at the bottom. As shown in the figure below, negative display (bright characters on dark background) positive display (bright characters on dark background) LCD screen type contrast arrangement type display color background color viewing angle range contrast drive number of use places price TN black and white small, high general <1/ 16 Duty watches, calculators, clocks, pagers, power-on meters, etc. Lower HTN, black and light yellow, slightly larger, generally 1/8~1/32 Duty game consoles, car meters, etc. Lower yellow-green mode Y-GSTN Blue, black, yellow and green Large and low are generally 1/8~1/240 Duty, mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, GPS system, instrumentation, etc. High blue mode B-STN, white and blue is larger, low is generally 1/8~1/240 Duty, higher gray mode G- STN dark blue, gray and white, generally 1/8~1/240 duty, high black and white mode, FSTN, black, light and white, higher, generally 1/8~1/240 duty, higher
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