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lcd display monitors can now be viewed in direct sunlight and made up to order

by:Kimeery     2020-04-29
Isn\'t the beginning of the project amazing?
A few hundred years ago, the phone just started to be promoted around the world.
Even so, although it has been going on for 50 years, it was not until 1915 that the first coast-to-coast telephone line in the United States was opened.
Even so, it will take a while for the phone to become an integrated unit with a handheld headset and receiver.
At the same time, the radio is still being used irregularly. On 1912, the Titanic sank within the sight of other ships, but its radio operators have been shut down for one night, who knows that the Titanic is holding a fireworks display.
During the first war, no radio was applied on the front line and on the plane.
The TV only started playing normally in their 50 s, and even so, they were minute monochrome screens.
The phone is almost universal, which means you can contact someone anytime, anywhere.
From the original building brick-sized phones to the revolutionary expansion of modern mobile smartphones, the processing power of modern smartphones is better than that of the first batch of computers, and in contrast, it takes less than 10 years in a minute.
Radio is universal, and thousands of radio stations broadcast news, music, chat and series without any interruption.
The same is true of television.
Every major city in the world has a number of paid TV channels that broadcast everything from the new smell of pornography, sports, movies and reality shows.
With the advent of LCD displays, a major revolution has also taken place in the TV screen, all of which have been further improved through LED backlight.
These devices now receive signals in a high-density and digital manner.
In fact, this means that, in contrast, your old batch will look bad after seeing the hd TV signal.
Now let\'s take a look at the size.
Not long ago, state-of-the-art TVs were large heavy-duty TVs with cathode ray tubes and 36 inch screens.
108 inch is feasible now, although it is still very expensive.
However, 83 inch screens are common and 3D is also being created quickly.
This is the screen where the revolution continues.
The LCD display now almost replaces the old video display unit and makes everything more versatile.
Today, huge LCD and LCD walls made up of multiple screens can be built, and each screen can be programmed to display a single image, or as a group to display the picture from a distance as part of the whole.
In addition, the display is improving so that the backlight and display can be seen in direct sunlight, which is not guaranteed by the previous display.
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A wide range of devices are available, and even LCD display modules are designed and manufactured specifically for your needs.
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