LCD driver

by:Kimeery     2021-09-05
The driving of LCD is different from that of LED. As long as it is applied with voltage, it can display all the time. In fact, LED is driven by current. If mobile phone LCD drivers want to maintain a stable display, they must use AC voltage drive instead of DC voltage, because DC voltage can not only display normal display, but also damage the mobile phone LCD when used for a long time. The segmented LCD is composed of segment electrodes and back electrodes. When displaying is needed, a certain AC voltage can be added between them. Generally, square waves are used. The general method of adjusting the contrast is to adjust the display time of each half cycle in the square wave, that is, the duty cycle. In many cases, in order to save drive ports, people will connect a lot of back electrodes together to form a common back electrode terminal, that is, COM. Then, connect the segment electrodes that belong to different COMs together to form a common electrode terminal called SEG. When enough AC voltage is added between a COM and a SEG, the corresponding segment can be lighted up. In fact, this segment turns black.
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