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lcd enclosure why use them?

by:Kimeery     2020-03-27
Outdoor digital signage housing that assists in minimizing deployment costs.
In the digital outdoor signage market, the digital signage housing is beginning to become more and more popular, which makes maintenance more protected and costly --effective.
Outdoor digital signage is not new, it has appeared in the US, Canada and Australia in the past 12 years, but previously contractors have been told what equipment can be used in the market, and now, engineers are free to use cheaper monitors to provide the same wonderful e-advertising campaigns as the more expensive systems they have previously installed.
What has caused this excessive change in the few untouched business sectors that have not been affected by the economic collapse?
Introduction of weatherproof LCD housing, a carbon steel LCD housing, will feature plasma, LCD and LED displays that are available in most appliance stores.
Special waterproof TV.
Years have passed and engineers and integrators have had to install displays specifically for outdoor use, and so far integrators and contractors have had to install dedicated flat panel displays to develop and manufacture on these monitors for the production of waterproof solutions, although the manufacturer of the data player that stores the ad task must be located locally, it is not possible, as it goes from the indoor media player to the outdoor TV.
Another disadvantage of the activity is the price tag, which are very expensive for dedicated TV screens and have a long preparation time, so unless the project is planned properly, the whole project may fail without considering the lead time.
Several leading suppliers have then developed a number of digital outdoor signage enclosures that provide protection against wind and rain and physical protection from human attacks, these allow AV integrators to install standard LCD flat screen in these cabinets and install the media player on the internal installation frame, providing a complete solution for nature or hooligans.
Now, with the sharp reduction in the price of domestic and commercial-grade screens, placing digital signage networks outside can almost reach half of the previous price, and the reduction in this cost does not provide a solution with lower quality, the solution is exactly the same as the one that used waterproof TV before.
The universal installation of a 60-inch flat-screen TV will cost $10,250, and now, buying an outdoor LCD case and a TV from a TV store, the price per site is reduced to $3,999, with the launch of the new series of 3D TVs, prices will continue to fall.
Now, this allows every business to use outdoor digital signage, allowing them to set up outdoor digital signage outside a store or retail store to promote their services or products to passing customers.
Depending on the service or product provided, the return on investment can be anything between 2 months and 9 months, and the added benefit is that the same hardware can be used to promote other businesses, you charge them monthly, which usually includes all the hardware and installation costs of the device, so that your business can create an additional revenue stream that you won\'t consider.
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