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by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
According to the LCD of different backlight sources, it can be roughly divided into two types of liquid crystal displays, CCFL and LED. Many people think that liquid crystal displays can be roughly divided into LED and LCD. In fact, this wrong understanding is mainly misled by many existing advertisements. To be precise, the LED display on the market is actually an LED-backlit liquid crystal display, not a real LED display. The liquid crystal panel is still a traditional LCD display. In a sense, it is a bit Contains the nature of fraud! The British Advertising Association once ruled that the famous Samsung company violated its own country's advertising laws because the 'LEDTV' LCD TV advertisements misled consumers. For liquid crystal displays, the most important key is the type of liquid crystal panel and backlight, while the liquid crystal panels of displays on the market generally use TFT panels, which are the same. The only difference between LEDs and LCDs is that they have different backlight types. LCD is the acronym for Liquid Crystal Display, which means 'liquid crystal displayLED refers to a type of liquid crystal display (LCD), that is, a liquid crystal display (LCD) with LED (light emitting diode) as the backlight source. It can be seen that LCD includes LEDs. In fact, LED is not LCD, but CCFL, LED backlight and CCFL backlight (that is, fluorescent lamp), respectively, diodes and cold cathode lamps. So what is CCFL? What is LED again? CCFL refers to a liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) as a backlight source. The advantage of CCFL is good color performance, but the disadvantage is higher power consumption. LED refers to a liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) as a backlight source, and generally refers to WLEDs (white light LEDs). The advantages of LEDs are small size and low power consumption. Therefore, using LEDs as backlight sources can achieve high brightness while taking into account lightness and thinness. The main disadvantage is that the color performance is worse than that of CCFL, so most professional graphics LCDs still use traditional CCFL as the backlight source.
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