LCD font display program

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
The subprograms of the display part in the system are related to the data structure of the fonts. Here, the ASCII character display subprograms and the subprograms for displaying Chinese character fonts are listed. According to these two subprograms, the realization principle of the display program of the display part can also be seen. In this subroutine, x refers to the row of Chinese characters, which can only be 4 lines from 0 to 3; y refers to the column of half-width characters, which can only be from 0 to 15 and a total of 16 columns, so it can be in any half-width character position on the screen. An ASCII half-width character is displayed on the display. When processing Chinese characters, the Chinese characters are treated as two half-width characters. When displaying, a Chinese character is displayed in the order of upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right. It can be seen from the display Chinese character pattern subprogram below. at this point. It can be seen from the program that when ju003d0, the upper left and lower left of the first Chinese character are written, and then in the cycle of j, the upper right and lower right of the first Chinese character are displayed in sequence, and the second Chinese character is written. Upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right of the second Chinese character. In fact, the start page of the mobile phone LCD represents the first 8 lines of display, that is, the upper half of a half-width character. This is the process of displaying some Chinese characters.
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