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LCD liquid crystal display principle

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The LCD screenis a passive display. It cannot emit light and can only use the light of the surrounding environment. It only needs a small amount of energy to display patterns or characters. It is precisely because of low power consumption and miniaturization that LCD becomes a better display method. The liquid crystal material used in LCD screenis an organic substance with both liquid and solid properties. Its rod-like structure is generally arranged in parallel in the liquid crystal cell, but its arrangement direction can be changed under the action of an electric field. For a positive TN-LCD, when no voltage is applied to the electrodes, the LCD is in the'OFF' state, and the light can pass through the LCD in a white state; when a voltage is applied to the electrodes, the LCD is in the'ON' state, and the long axis direction of the liquid crystal molecules Arranged along the direction of the electric field, the light cannot pass through the LCD and is black. By selectively applying voltage on the electrodes, different patterns can be displayed. For STN-LCD, the twist angle of the liquid crystal is larger, so the contrast is better and the viewing angle is wider. STN-LCD is based on the principle of birefringence to display, its primary color is generally yellow-green, and the font is blue, which becomes a yellow-green mode. When using a purple polarizer, the base color will change to gray and become a gray mold. When using a polarizer with a compensation film, the primary color will become close to white. At this time, the STN becomes a black and white mode, which is FSTN. The above three modes of polarizers turn 90° to become a blue mode, and the effect will be better.
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