LCD liquid crystal display principle

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The imaging principle of LCD/is to place liquid crystal between two pieces of conductive glass, driven by the electric field between the two electrodes, causing the liquid crystal molecules to twist the nematic electric field effect to control the light source transmission or The masking function produces light and dark between the power off and on to display the image. If a color filter is added, the color image can be displayed. Alignment films are installed on two glass substrates, so the liquid crystal will be aligned along the grooves. Because the grooves of the alignment film on the glass substrate deviate by 90 degrees, the liquid crystal molecules become twisted. When the glass substrate is not added with an electric field, the light passes through the polarizing plate. Following the 90-degree twist of the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal panel displays white through the lower polarizer (as shown on the left); when the glass substrate is added to the electric field, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules changes, and the light passes through the gap of the liquid crystal molecules to maintain the original direction and is shielded by the lower polarizer. The light is absorbed and cannot be seen through, and the LCD panel displays black (right in the figure below). The LCD screenmakes the panel achieve the display effect according to the presence or absence of this voltage. principle diagram
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