LCD liquid crystal module display production principle

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
Principle and production process overview The so-called 'module' manufacturing (LCM) is actually the 'back-end' production process of liquid crystal displays. As the name implies, the word “module” is the combination of modules. There are three steps in it: The first step: the LCD liquid crystal finished panel (Cell), anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF), driver IC, flexible circuit board (FPC) and PCB circuit The board is pressed by a machine (in the meantime, it needs to pass a certain temperature and pressure in the aging furnace to get a good eye; the second step: the next step is to assemble the finished product with the backlight board, the light source, and the iron frame; the third step: aging treatment, After repeated inspections, it is the 'liquid crystal panel' we have seen.  In short, compared to the sky-high investment of the fifth-generation panel factory (every billions of dollars), the astonishing floor space (at least five football fields) and the need Countless high-precision equipment (all included in the US embargo on the mainland), the module factory is still insignificant in terms of technology and scale, but it is a good thing that we can enter the dust-free workshop in person. Before, all electronic equipment including digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. cannot be brought in. Let’s first understand the working principle of the LCD panel and deepen our understanding of the factory. TFT-LCD LCD screen display principle LCD screen is transparent The circuit on the silicon glass forms an electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules between the glass and the filter. In a natural state, they are arranged side by side and parallel. When the circuit applies an electric field to the liquid crystal layer, the liquid crystal molecules will deflect in different directions. At this time, the liquid crystal Similar to the switch function, light can pass through, and the liquid crystal layer can form different light transmission effects, so as to achieve the purpose of displaying different pictures.
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