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LCD liquid crystal module production process

by:Kimeery     2021-09-02
According to the principle of the LCD module, we can take a look at the production process. Since the 'manpower' cost required in the assembly area and packaging area is still considerable in the manufacturing process, it is no wonder that Taiwan has chosen the mainland as the first choice for the module part-in addition to being close to customers, it can also significantly reduce costs. Detailed production process: First is the anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF) attachment: the anisotropic conductive adhesive (which can be treated as a double-sided adhesive) is used to adhere between the IC and the Cell to provide the function of conduction and adhesion; The purpose of the integrated circuit (IC) press industry is to make the panel circuit and the IC circuit conduct through conductive particles, so as to achieve the purpose of current signal flow. Next is the flexible circuit board (FPC) pressing industry: FPC is a flexible printed board that serves as a connection signal. After this step of pressing, we can make the panel circuit and the FPC circuit conduction through conductive particles to smoothly connect the signal . The last step of pressing is the pressing of the integrated circuit board (PCBA). Through this step, we can achieve two goals. One is to make the lines of the FPC and PCB conduct through conductive particles to allow current signals to flow. The second is the machine. Pressing provides a certain temperature and pressure. By controlling the pressing time, AFC can polymerize and harden at high temperatures to connect two different materials together to provide sufficient working strength. Operation details 1. Check the quality of the pressing 2. A 500-fold electron microscope is needed to display the mobile LCDscreen molecules and granular shapes 3. Check whether the glass substrate meets the specifications, including: glass thickness, size, flatness, etc. 4. Must Check the appearance of the glass for scratches, shadows or any changes on the surface. 5. Use a sodium lamp with poor color rendering to check the unevenness of the front and back of the color filter (Mura)
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