LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
The liquid crystal display module is actually a component that assembles LCD screendevices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural parts together. Its English name is also called 'LCD ModuleIn fact, it is a commercial component. In fact, according to my country's relevant standards, we call 'modules' only integrated components that cannot be disassembled, and those that can be disassembled should be called 'components.' So according to the standard name, we should call it 'liquid crystal display assembly' because it can be disassembled. But people's long-standing habit still calls it a 'module'. The liquid crystal display device in the liquid crystal module is a high-tech basic component. Although its application is very wide, for most people, its use and assembly are not simple. Among them, the dot-matrix LCD screendevice will make the user feel like it is impossible to start. The particularity of the connection method and the special equipment required are not known and owned by everyone. Therefore, many users of liquid crystal display devices hope that someone will do it for them to assemble the materials required for the liquid crystal module and form a brand-new functional component. What users need is that they can be assembled into a complete system using traditional technology. . Broadly speaking, as long as the components assembled together with the liquid crystal display device and the integrated circuit can be called a 'moduleThe reason is that, except for some specialized high-volume varieties (translation machines, communication supplies) manufacturers directly supply liquid crystal display devices to users, almost all general-purpose dot matrix liquid crystal display devices are processed. It is very easy to misunderstand that 'liquid crystal module' is 'dot matrix liquid crystal module'.
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