LCD optical transmission characteristics

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
Below we will discuss the optical transmission characteristics in detail, but its response does not depend on the polarity of the voltage. We can change the polarity of the voltage, which means that the DC component of the voltage applied to the liquid crystal can be zero. This can make the particles suspended in the pure liquid crystal become pure, but there are usually some ions that are impure. and that keeps particles that are suspended in this intended tobe pure mobile LCDscreen, these ions are generated due to ionization. The result of ionization will affect the electro-optical characteristic curve, and will produce a phenomenon called 'image persistence' or 'image retention'. In the end, what we see is the angle relationship which affects the image quality. Obviously, the angle of the molecules rotates due to the electric field. The special case is that when the molecule follows the electric field, it does not rotate; and when it is perpendicular to the electric field, it does not rotate. Therefore, it is necessary to give the molecule a pretilt angle so that the larger polarization vector, the long axis, has a strong rotation when voltage is applied to it. These elements are important elements for understanding the characteristics of liquid crystals.
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