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LCD panel demand rebounds LGD decides to produce another year in South Korea

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

According to foreign media reports, LG Display (LGD), which announced at the beginning of the year that it will stop producing LCD TV panels in South Korea at the end of the year, has decided to The production time is extended by one year.

Foreign media quoted industry chain news reports that LG Display has informed partners and related companies of their plans.

According to foreign media reports, LG Display has decided to extend the time it takes to produce LCD TV panels in South Korea by one year. This is because the epidemic has caused extended home time and increased demand for home entertainment products such as TVs. Pushed up the demand for TV panels.

LG Display announced in January this year that it would stop producing LCD panels required for TVs in South Korea. In the performance conference call in January, LG Display stated that they had stopped producing 8th-generation LCD TV panels in South Korea at the end of last year. At the end of this year, they will stop producing other types of LCD TV panels in South Korea. Then, the South Korean factories will focus on Production of panels required for automobiles and other commercial products.

It stopped producing LCD panels in South Korea because LG Display wanted to completely switch to LCD for Samsung panels. Under the influence of more manufacturers continuing to launch a large number of lower-priced LCD panels, they decided to switch to higher-value LCD for Samsung products. .

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