LCD panel prices have risen for the third consecutive month in August this year, and are expected to continue to rise in September

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

September 6, according to foreign media reports, the price of LCD panels has continued to rise in recent months. It is reported that the price of LCD panels rose for the third consecutive month in August this year and is expected to continue to rise in September.

According to market quotations, in August this year, the price of OpenCell (LCD panels without backlight modules) rose again. Among them, the price of a 55-inch LCD panel reached 125 US dollars, an increase of about 9% from last month. At the same time, the price of small-size LCD panels (such as 32 inches) reached US$44, an increase of about 10%.

Currently, the production capacity of several LCD panel factories in mainland China accounts for about 50% of the global LCD panel production capacity. In the past two years, BOE surpassed LG Display to become the world's largest LCD panel manufacturer. However, companies including BOE are reducing investment in LCD panels.

In December last year, BOE announced that it would stop investing in LCD production capacity. Stop investing in LCD production capacity does not mean abandoning LCD immediately, but it means that there will be no substantial investment in the future, because BOE will shift its investment focus to higher-end LCD for Samsung, Mini LED and Micro LED panel fields.

In August last year, industry insiders stated that Samsung Display, a panel manufacturer under Samsung Electronics, is taking measures to reduce the output of LCD panels and accelerate the launch of quantum dot organic light-emitting diodes (QD-LCD for Samsung). )panel.

TFT-LCD, AMOLED, and new display technologies including flexible displays, their basic technologies are all semiconductor technologies, which can be collectively referred to as semiconductor displays. Semiconductor display can be defined as a general term for display technologies that independently control each smallest display unit through semiconductor devices.

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