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LCD party disappointed! Domestic high-end mobile phone screens collectively upgrade OLED

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

At present, in the smart phone industry, OLED screens are gradually becoming the mainstream, and even in the notebook market, there are signs of this faintly. 'LCD will never be a slave' shouted by many netizens has gradually become a weak slogan.

On May 5, the well-known digital blogger @数码闲聊站 broke the news that as LCD inventory is gradually emptied, this year's domestic mid-to-high-end new phones will have LCD for Samsung-based screens. This may mean that LCD screens will officially withdraw from the mainstream mobile phone market and can only be seen on some entry-level models.

In fact, the trend of LCD screens withdrawing from the market is very obvious. Almost all of the new smart phones released this year are equipped with OLED screens, and only a few thousand yuan phones are still using lower-cost LCD screens.

It is worth noting that the OLED screen uses PWM dimming, and there is a stroboscopic problem under low brightness conditions. The user’s long-term viewing will cause eye discomfort, while the LCD screen does not have the problem of low frequency stroboscopic . This is also the biggest reason why a large number of users stick to LCD screens.

In addition, the blogger also said that DC-like dimming will be gradually abandoned. The editor guessed that this may be related to the shortcomings of DC-like dimming and the gradual popularity of high-brush screens.

Domestic manufacturers often use 'DC-like' dimming methods to alleviate the problem of low-frequency stroboscopic LCD for Samsung screens, but this approach will greatly reduce the color quality of the screen, resulting in a 'wiping screen' phenomenon.

Therefore, if some LCD for Samsung screens of average quality or not supported by the screen driver are forced to turn on the DC dimming, the user experience will be greatly reduced.

On the other hand, domestic smartphones have gradually popularized high refresh rate screens. The discomfort caused by the PWM dimming mode of OLED screens has been greatly reduced with the support of 90Hz/120Hz refresh rate. Therefore, even if manufacturers gradually abandon DC-like dimming, users do not have to worry about the degradation of the user experience.

It is worth mentioning that the latest mini-LCD display technology can be compared with OLED screens in terms of contrast and brightness, and the display technology does not have the problem of burn-in and low-frequency stroboscopic. Get the app on iPadPro.

In the future, as the production capacity of mini-LCD screens is increased, the cost will gradually decrease, and more and more smart phones will use mini-LCD by then.

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