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LCD screen resolution introduction

by:Kimeery     2023-03-24
1. Resolution Resolution is a very important performance indicator. It refers to the number of points that can be displayed in the horizontal and vertical directions on the screen (lines and surfaces displayed on the screen are composed of points). The higher the resolution , the more information can be accommodated in the same screen. Both the resolution of 320*240 and the resolution of 240*128 can be displayed perfectly. Because there is not much difference between the two, but the maximum resolution may not be the most suitable resolution. If the content in the 320*240 mobile phone LCD screen is used on the 240128 LCD screen, the displayed content will definitely be smaller. The visible area of ​​the LCD mobile LCD screen screen refers to the part of the display area that can be used to display images in practical applications. The full size is actually the size of its frame and the PCB board, and the part that can be used to display images cannot reach this size at all, because the frame occupies a part of the space. Generally speaking, the display area of ​​a 5.7-inch 320240 LCD screen is 122*92mm, while the display area of ​​a 5-inch 240128 LCD screen is 11464mm. But for LCD, the nominal size is basically the size of the visible area, and the space occupied by the frame is relatively small. The display area of ​​the 5.7 32020 LCD screen is 122*92mm. So when purchasing an LD LCD screen, just choose the one that suits your equipment. Three Response Speed ​​The time unit for measuring the reaction speed is milliseconds (ms), which refers to the time required for a pixel to turn from bright to dark and from dark to bright. The smaller the value, the better, and the smaller the value, the faster the response. At present, the response speed of mainstream LCDs is above 12ms, which does not matter much in general industrial applications. Four screen colors When it comes to colors, there are generally three colors: blue background, white characters, white background, black characters, yellow background and black characters. Customers can choose different display colors of the LCD screen according to different devices. The above is the introduction of the resolution of the mobile phone LCD screen. Ruiguang focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial display screens, industrial-grade touch screens and optical bonding products. The products are widely used in medical equipment, industrial handheld terminals, Internet of Things terminals and smart homes.

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