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LCD trade terminology in Chinese and English comparison table

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
For those who want to have a deeper understanding of the LCD industry, it is not enough to just know what LCD is. As a product with strong internationalization, LCD LCD screenusually uses some brief terminology to replace more complicated description in communication. These LCD terminology simplifies communication and reduces obstacles in communication. For those who enter the LCD industry, remembering these terms is also a big challenge, but these terms will have a wide range of applications in LCD foreign trade or domestic trade. Below, Xingyuhe Electronics will provide you with some commonly used LCDs in business exchanges. the term. Term English meaning Chinese explanation LCDLiquid Crystal Display LCD screenLCMLiquid Crystal Module liquid crystal module TNTwisted Nematic twisted nematic. The twisted orientation of the liquid crystal molecules is deflected by 90° STN Super Twisted Nematic. About 180~270° twisted nematic FSTNFormulated Super Twisted Nematic format super twisted nematic. A layer of optical path compensation film is added to STN for monochrome display TFT Thin Film Transistor Thin Film Transistor Backlight—Backlight Inverter—Inverter OSDOn Screen Display DVI Digital Visual Interface (VGA) digital interface TMDSTransition Minimized Differential Signaling LVDSLow Voltage Differential Signaling Low-voltage differential signal Panelink-ICIntegrate Circuit integrated circuit TCPTape Carrier Package flexible circuit board COBChip On Board fixed IC die on the printed circuit board through bonding COFChip On FPC fixed IC on the flexible circuit board COGChip On Glass fixed the chip to the glass Upper Duty—Duty ratio, the ratio of the part that is higher than the lighting threshold voltage in a cycle. LEDLight Emitting Diode ELElectro Luminescence electroluminescence. The EL layer is composed of high molecular weight sheets. CCFL (CCFT) Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light/Tube Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light/Tube PDPPlasma Display Panel Plasma Display CRTCathode Radial Tube Cathode Ray Tube VGAVideo Graphic Array Video Graphic Array PCBPrinted Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board Composite video—Composite video Component video—component video S-video—S terminal. Compared with composite video signal, it separates contrast and color and transmits NTSC National Television Systems Committee NTSC system, National Television System Committee system PALPhase Alternating Line PAL system (progressive phase inversion system) SECAMSEquential Couleur Avec MemoireSECAM system (Sequence and storage color TV system) VODVideo On Demand DPIDot Per Inch points per inch
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