LCD white random polarized light

by:Kimeery     2021-09-05
Now let us understand white randomly polarized light. The light waves emitted from incandescent bulbs or other light sources vibrate in all directions and have polarization angles in all directions. What we need to use is only one of the polarization angles. We can use polarizers to make light waves vibrating in all directions into polarized light vibrating in only one direction. Now we look at the effect of the polarizer. The polarizer can only pass light in one direction of vibration, in other words, it allows light waves in one direction of vibration to pass through and absorbs light waves perpendicular to its direction of vibration. The linear polarizer allows light that vibrates in one direction to pass through and absorbs light waves that are 90° to its vibration direction. Light waves vibrating in any direction can be divided into two components parallel and perpendicular to the polarization direction. The parallel component will pass through the polarizer and the vertical component will be absorbed by the polarizer. Relative to the polarization direction of the polarizer, only the components parallel to the polarization direction pass through the light waves with different amplitudes and different vibration directions after passing through the polarizer. In theory, 50% of the light will pass through and 50% of the light will be absorbed. But in reality, only close to 42% of the light is transmitted. For mobile phone LCD, the first thing we need to do is to generate white light by a backlight system, and let these white light pass through the polarizer, and more than 50% of the light will be absorbed.
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