LCD wide application analysis

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
For our current society, monitors are already a very common thing, and our LCD screen technology is getting more and more advanced, so why can LCD be widely used? Please look down with the editor of Xingyu He Electronics Look at it. Why is LCD widely used? This article reveals the answer. Generally speaking, reducing costs has become an important rule for companies to survive. Throughout the development history of TFT-LCD, it is not difficult to find that increasing the size of the glass substrate, reducing the number of masks, increasing the production capacity of the base station and the product yield, and purchasing raw materials nearby are the continuous efforts of many TFT-LCD manufacturers. . Glass substrate is an important raw material for the production of TFT-LCD, and its cost accounts for about 15% to 18% of the total cost of TFT-LCD. mm), it has only gone through a short period of twenty years. However, due to the extremely high requirements for the chemical composition, performance and production process conditions of TFT-LCD glass substrates, the global production technology and market of TFT-LCD glass substrates have long been used by Corning in the United States, Asahi Glass and Electric Glass, etc. Monopolized by a few companies. Under the strong promotion of market development, mainland my country also began to actively participate in the Ru0026D and production of TFT-LCD glass substrates in 2007. At present, a number of fifth-generation and above TFT-LCD glass substrate production lines have been built in China. It is planned to launch two 8.5-generation high-generation liquid crystal glass substrate production line projects in the second half of 2011. This provides an important guarantee for the localization of upstream raw materials for TFT-LCD manufacturers in mainland my country and a significant reduction in manufacturing costs. The most core part of TFT production technology is the photolithography process, which is not only an important part of determining product quality, but also a key part that affects product cost. In the photolithography process, the most attention is paid to the mask. Its quality determines the quality of TFT-LCD to a large extent, and the reduction of its use can effectively reduce equipment investment and shorten the production cycle. With the change of TFT structure and the improvement of production process, the number of masks used in the manufacturing process is correspondingly reduced. It can be seen that the TFT production process has evolved from the early 8-mask or 7-mask lithography process to the currently commonly used 5-mask or 4-mask lithography process, which greatly reduces the TFT-LCD production cycle and production costs. At present, the 4-mask lithography process has become the mainstream in the industry. In order to continuously reduce production costs, people have been trying to explore how to further reduce the number of masks used in the photolithography process. In recent years, some Korean companies have made breakthroughs in the development of the 3-mask lithography process, and have announced mass production. However, due to the difficult technology of the 3-mask process and the low yield rate, there is still further progress. Under development and improvement. From a long-term development point of view, if Inkjet (inkjet) printing technology makes a breakthrough, the realization of maskless manufacturing is the ultimate goal pursued by people. The above is the related sharing on why LCD is widely used. We can see that low-cost technology has made LCD a thing that every household can have. Those who want to know more are welcome to pay attention to Xingyuhe Electronics.
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