LCD will never be a slave! Goodix: Mass production of LCD screen fingerprints within the year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-06

Nowadays, screen fingerprints have become standard for high-end models, and some manufacturers have even developed the sixth-generation technology. However, screen fingerprints require the cooperation of LCD for Samsung panels, while LCD panels were considered impossible to support screens due to inherent limitations. Fingerprints have made many users who insist on 'LCD never a slave' very disappointed.

But in the past two years, some manufacturers have claimed to have developed LCD screen fingerprint recognition technology, but they have not been able to produce it on the market.

At the recent third quarter investor exchange meeting, Zhang Fan, Chairman of Goodix Technology, revealed that the ultra-thin LCD screen fingerprint recognition chip developed by the company will soon be mass-produced, and he is confident to launch a mass-production plan within the year .

He also emphasized that the plan is mainly for 5G mobile phones.

Compared with face recognition, screen fingerprint recognition does not require opening holes on the screen, and the cost and price are lower, which has obvious advantages.

However, the popularity of face recognition is also accelerating, especially the Apple iPhone 11 series completely abandoned 3D Touch and equipped with Face ID as standard, which is more likely to push the Android camp to face recognition, plus OLED has basically become the first choice for high-end models, and the situation is still quite risky for Goodix.

At present, Goodix's screen optical fingerprint recognition solution has been commercialized in 85 mobile phones, and customers include Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and so on.

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