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LCM LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
The LCM LCD module is some components of the LCD screen, and the LCD panel is an important part of the display. The difference on the surface of the two is very obvious, so are there other differences between the LCM LCD module and the LCD panel? Let's take a look at the editor of Yuhe Electronics. What is the difference between LCM LCD module and LCD panel? Know that you are the best LCM LCD module is simply the LCD screen and backlight assembly. For example, the display component of an LCD TV is a liquid crystal module, and its low temperature is equivalent to a picture tube in a CRT. Other parts include power supply circuit, signal processing circuit and so on. The LCD module is mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but they are independent of each other when working. The principle of LCD screenis that the backlight assembly emits light, and the light is displayed through the LCD screen. The role of the LCD screen is to control and process these lights by pixel to display images. The liquid crystal panel is the main component of the liquid crystal display, accounting for nearly 80% of the cost of the liquid crystal display. At present, there are not many manufacturers with panel manufacturing technology in the world. Only SHARP, Samsung, LGD, Taiwan Innolux, AUO and other manufacturers have core technologies. In the past, most terminal manufacturers used their LCD panels. Of course, with the rapid development of mainland panel manufacturers, domestic companies such as BOE, Shenzhen Tianma, and China Star Optoelectronics have also begun to accumulate their own patented technologies, and their panels have also been widely adopted by terminal manufacturers. Classification of LCD panel specifications: The so-called dead pixels are the general term for pixels that cannot be displayed normally on the LCD panel. The liquid crystal panel is composed of many pixel points, and the liquid crystal material on each display point is completed by changing the light transmission and the same state under the control of an electric signal. The current technology cannot completely overcome the situation that there are no dead pixels. Therefore, the level of the panel is also judged according to the number of dead pixels. Key indicators of mainstream LCD brands: AA level: LCD displays without any dead pixels are AA level. Level A: Less than 3 dead pixels, of which no more than one bright spot, and the bright spot is not in the central area of u200bu200bthe screen. Level B: Less than 3 dead pixels, of which no more than two bright spots, and the bright spots are not in the central area of u200bu200bthe screen. The above is the relevant sharing about the difference between LCM LCD module and LCD panel. Only by understanding the difference between them can we better make the products we want. If you want to know more, please pay attention to Xingyuhe. Electronics.
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