LED backlight is the best light source for LCD screen products

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
As a passive display device, the LCD screen does not emit light by itself. It relies on the backlight to pass light through the display panel to display characters and graphics. Therefore, the backlight technology directly affects the image quality of display products such as LCD TVs, industrial LCD modules, mobile phones, and LCD displays. The traditional LCD screenuses cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) as the light source, which causes the color of the LCD screento be insufficient and poor color reproduction. Compared with traditional backlight technology, LED backlight has many unique advantages in addition to its advantages in the color gamut. The cost of small-size LED backlights has gradually dropped to a price very close to that of CCFL backlights. Below we analyze the advantages of LED backlight technology over CCFL backlight technology: 1. Energy saving and environmental protection LED backlight does not produce any rays, and there is no toxic substances such as mercury. It can be described as a green and environmentally friendly light source. As the backlight source of LCD, CCLF (cold cathode lamp) is the main element that cannot be lacked is mercury. It is the familiar mercury, which is undoubtedly a substance harmful to the human body. Compared with traditional CCFL backlights, LED backlights can save energy by more than 40% compared with general CCFL backlights of the same specifications and civil grade products, which greatly improves energy saving. 2. Long service life Up to 100,000 hours, even if it is used continuously for 10 hours a day, it can be used continuously for 27 years, which greatly extends the service life of LCD TVs. This advantage can exceed plasma technology. The LCD or LCD TV using LED backlight will have less brightness decay than CCFL backlight after a long time of use. The lifespan of ordinary CCFL backlights is about 25,000 hours, and the light-emitting life of the latest top-level CCFL backlights is only 60,000 hours. At the end of the lifespan, the brightness of the LCD will decrease significantly, and the LCD's CCFL backlight module has to be replaced. The luminous life of LED backlights also far exceeds that of CCFL backlights. 3. Wide color gamut It can make up for the lack of display color of liquid crystal technology, and the color reproduction effect is better. The LED backlight has the characteristics of more uniform light emission, and is far better than the CCFL backlight in terms of color expression. It can make up for the lack of display colors in LCD technology, and easily achieve a wide color gamut of NTSC118% or higher, allowing the LCD display to truly restore the vivid colors in the colorful nature. Traditional CCFL backlight technology, due to the limitation of fluorescent material, the red light rendering ability of the lamp tube is weak, and the color mixing effect of the matched color filter is also poor. It can only achieve NTSC 65-75% of the NTSC color area, even if it is By using an improved CCFL light source, it can only achieve a color gamut of about 90% of the NTSC equivalent ratio, which affects the image quality. 4. Smooth moving images. The LED backlight can flexibly adjust the luminous frequency, and the frequency is much higher than that of CCFL, so it can perfectly present the moving image. Traditional CCFL lamps have a low flicker and light emission frequency, which may cause screen jumps when performing dynamic scenes. 5. The thin and light LED backlight is composed of many grid-shaped semiconductors, and each 'grid' has an LED semiconductor, so that the planarization of the light source can be successfully realized. The planarized light source not only has excellent brightness uniformity, but also does not require complicated optical path design. In this way, the thickness of the LCD can be made thinner and more stable. The traditional CCFL is a tubular light source, and it requires quite complicated auxiliary components to evenly distribute the light emitted by it to every area of u200bu200bthe panel. The thickness of the screen is also difficult to control, and with the increase of the panel, multiple light sources must be used, which further aggravates the complexity and cost of the design, and large-screen LCD TVs are more sensitive to this. 6. Adjustable backlight white balance, while ensuring overall contrast. When the user's video source is switched between the computer and the DVD player, the white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600K and 6500K without sacrificing brightness and contrast. 7. Real-time color management As red, green, and blue are illuminated independently, it is easy to accurately control the current display color characteristics. 8. The brightness adjustment range is large. There is a threshold for the minimum brightness of CCFL, and it is easy to control the LED backlight. Therefore, it is easy for users to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most suitable state, whether in a bright outdoor or a dark indoor. 9. It can provide continuous area array light source for large-size screens. LED is a flat light source. The most basic light-emitting unit is a square package with a side length of 3~5mm, which can be easily combined into a predetermined area area light source. Good brightness uniformity, if used as the backlight source of LCD TVs, the required auxiliary optical components can be made very simple, and the screen brightness uniformity is even better. 10. Safety LED uses a low voltage power supply of 5~24V, which is very safe, and the design of the power supply module is quite simple. Nowadays, the LED backlights used in LCD products on the market, LED has long replaced CCFL as the best light source for LCD products!
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