LG Display discontinued LCD screen production and will be taken over by JDI and Sharp

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

Before the launch of iPhoneX, Apple had been using LCD screens in the iPhone product line. The last product equipped with an LCD screen was the second generation of iPhoneSE released in April last year. As the iconic iPhone digital series, the entire system has switched to OLED screens.

Recently, according to news from the supply chain, LG Display has stopped producing LCD screens for Apple and gave up the possibility of re-production in the future. In addition, there have recently been reports that LG will even divide the entire mobile sector.

LG and Samsung have become the same major suppliers of iPhone screens, while Apple has benefited from the ability of both companies to meet technical and volume requirements at the same time and gain an advantage in the negotiations. However, since Apple started to switch to OLED screens, LG has not reacted, and has not kept up with the sudden changes in Apple's direction. Since then, Samsung has gradually become a core supplier in the field of Apple screens.

Although LG has worked hard to catch up and won some LCD for Samsung orders from Apple (such as this year’s iPhone 12), they still have some technical bottlenecks. In this area of u200bu200bscreen technology, Samsung still maintains a leading position.

The report pointed out that LG originally planned to continue producing LCD screens for some of Apple’s older models, but made the decision to give up in the third quarter of last year. After LG Display ceases production, the screen of the new iPhoneSE will be produced by JDI and Sharp. '

It is reported that LG Display’s LCD screen factory has been converted to the production of automotive glass. After JDI and Sharp take over, there will be no shortage of Apple’s LCD screen supply.

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