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Li Dongsheng has something to say about globalization being pressed the pause button and Samsung LG withdrawing from LCD TCL

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

Although the domestic new crown epidemic has been brought under control, the foreign epidemic is still relatively severe. However, I believe that domestic companies have a deep understanding of the impact of the epidemic. Now, what is more concerned is whether the global outbreak will affect the pace of corporate globalization.

On April 19, during the CCTV Finance Dialogue, TCL founder and chairman Li Dongsheng believed that globalization (caused by the epidemic) was caused by the pause button. This statement is inaccurate, and the general trend of economic globalization will remain unchanged. Because the economy has its own laws, the share of Chinese products in the world is getting higher and higher. As long as we maintain a competitive advantage, we can guarantee our position in the global market.

He believes that Chinese companies must make adjustments to their globalization strategy. They cannot simply sell their products and everything will be fine, but they must build the company’s industrial chain locally. Local production and local services, and make their own contributions to the local economic development, such globalization can truly take root in the local area.

In addition, in addition to globalization issues, after Samsung and LG withdrew from the LCD market, whether the panel prices are cheaper and other issues have also attracted considerable attention. Samsung recently confirmed that it will shut down all its LCD panel factories within this year; LG also announced that it will shut down LCD factories within this year.

As we all know, the current global LCD panel production base has been transferred to my country, and the main market share is controlled by manufacturers including BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics (TCL holding subsidiary). With the withdrawal of Samsung and LG, the market share of domestic manufacturers in this field is expected to reach new highs within a few years.

Samsung used to be a big brother in the LCD panel market. It has two LCD panel factories in my country and two LCD production lines in South Korea. In recent years, Samsung has successively shifted its investment focus to OLED, and as competition in the LCD market intensifies, Samsung has announced that it will abandon the LCD market and specialize in QD-LCD for Samsung.

In this regard, Li Dongsheng said that from a strategic point of view, the withdrawal of Samsung and LG from the LCD industry will bring opportunities for Chinese companies.

Li Dongsheng believes that the reason for the exit of the two companies is that the epidemic is only an incentive, more from the perspective of global industrial restructuring:

First, in the global semiconductor industry In the display industry, Chinese companies have clearly achieved a competitive advantage in large-screen displays, and this advantage will be further expanded with future development.

Secondly, these Korean companies are not withdrawing from the semiconductor display industry. They will concentrate more resources on flexible display products (QLED, OLED) technology.

So, for Chinese companies, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity lies in that we can accelerate the global industrial layout and consolidate the advantages of Chinese companies in the large-screen display industry. However, small and medium screens will face greater pressure and challenges. In the field of small and medium sizes, including LCD for Samsung and the next generation of new display technology, there will be a round of PK in the future.

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