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Light guide plate of backlight module

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
The light guide plate is mainly used in the side-light type backlight module. It is an important component that affects the light efficiency. The propylene is pressed into a wedge-shaped plate with a smooth surface by the injection molding method, and then a high reflectivity and non-light-absorbing material is used to guide The bottom surface of the light plate is printed with circular or square diffusion points by screen printing. The main function of the light guide plate is to guide the direction of the light to improve the brightness of the panel and control the brightness uniformity. The cold cathode tube is located on the end face of the thick side of the light guide plate. The light emitted by the cold cathode tube enters the light guide plate in the form of end face illumination. Most of the light is transmitted to the thin end by total reflection. When the light hits the front of the microstructure on the bottom surface, it is emitted. , The use of sparse and dense microstructure pattern design with different sizes can make the light guide plate surface uniformly emit light. In terms of appearance, it is divided into: 1. Wedge plate. 2. Flat plate. Generally, notebook computers use wedge-shaped boards due to the consideration of spatial relationships, while LCD Monitors and mobile phone LCD TVs use flat panels. Material: PMMA---optical acrylic sheet, namely plexiglass. Features: low surface roughness and good optical properties. Function: accepts light source and guides the scattering direction of light. Type: printing (printed by screen printing) Diffusion point), non-printing type (made with a mold with set dots or textures) Non-printing type includes machining, etching, and thin plate replacement, direct type (light source on the back of the LGP), side light type (light source on the side ) Rectangle, wedge, arc, etc.
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