Liquid crystal character dot matrix module of liquid crystal display module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
The liquid crystal dot matrix character module is assembled by a dot matrix character LCD screendevice, dedicated row and column drivers, controllers, and necessary connectors, and structural parts, which can display numbers and Western characters. This kind of dot matrix character module has a character generator, large display capacity and rich functions. Generally, this kind of module can display at least 8-bit 1 line or 16-bit 1 line or more characters. The dot matrix arrangement of this module is composed of a group of 5×7, 5×8 or 5×11 pixel dot matrix arrangements. Each group is 1 bit, there is a little space between each bit, and there is also a line space between each line, so graphics cannot be displayed. The specifications are mainly shown in the following table: 8 digits 1 row; 2 rows 16 digits 1 row; 2 rows; 4 rows, 20 bits, 1 row; 2 rows; 4 rows, 24 bits, 1 row; 2 rows; 4 rows, 32 bits, 1 row; 2 rows; 4 rows, 40 bits, 1 row; 2 rows; 4 rows are generally available in the module control and driver The character library CGROM with 192 character fonts has been solidified, and there is also a random access memory CGRAM that allows users to create special characters by themselves, allowing users to create 8 5×8 dot matrix characters.
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