List of possible capacity expansions for LCD production lines in Mainland China

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

According to Omdia tracking, although no new LCD production line investment is made, expanding production capacity in existing production line plants seems to be a common action taken by mainland panel makers now. The following is an overview table of possible capacity expansion of the mainland LCD production line according to Omdia's statistics.

Table: Overview of possible capacity expansion for LCD production lines in mainland China

According to Omdia, Huike is one of the more active manufacturers in capacity expansion. When its Chongqing's 8.6-generation H1 production line was initially built, the designed production capacity was only 75k/month; but after several rounds of capacity expansion, the current maximum monthly production is expected to exceed 100k/month. The design capacity of its Chuzhou H2 production line is 150k/month, and the current maximum production capacity is close to 180k/month. The H4 production line in Mianyang, whose production capacity is ramping up, has a design capacity of 150k/month, and is expected to reach a maximum production capacity of about 200k/month after capacity expansion; for the H5 production line in Changsha, the LCD design capacity is 120k/month, and the capacity will be expanded in the future The production target is expected to be at least 150k/month-even news shows that the final target may be reached. Together with the planned LCD for Samsung production capacity, it may reach the maximum production capacity of 200k/month.

Rainbow Optoelectronics plans to expand the Xianyang production line with a design capacity of about 140~150k/month to a maximum of 175~180k/month.

BOE Hefei B9 10.5 generation line is designed to have a maximum capacity of 120k/month, and plans to expand its production capacity to about 155k/month by the end of this year; Wuhan B17 originally planned to have a planned production capacity of 120k/month, but the latest announcement shows that At the end of 2022, it will expand its maximum capacity to 180k/month. TCL China Star Optoelectronics t6 and t7 two Gen 10.5 lines are designed to have a production capacity of 90k/month, and will gradually expand their production capacity to 105k/month. The Sharp Guangzhou line had previously designed a production capacity of 90k/month and had only a maximum casting capacity of 60k/month for a long time, but its latest plan is also to expand the production line's production capacity to at least 120k/month.

Comprehensive of all capacity expansion plans, it can be seen that it is almost equivalent to rebuilding a 10.5 generation line with a production capacity of 155k/month and a generation 8.6 line with a production capacity of about 170k/month, and they will all be in the next 3 years. Gradually released in about a year. This will undoubtedly bring some pressure on the future supply and demand situation. (Omdia)

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