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Major CES Qixiu New Products 8K LCD/Rollable OLED TV Unveiled

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

At CES 2019, not only 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-driving cars are important highlights, but major manufacturers also take this opportunity to show off their recent developments in display technology. Among them, liquid crystal (LCD) TV products have begun to focus on 8K high-resolution and HDR high-contrast effects; LCD for Samsung 4K TVs are also developing larger and thinner. In addition, we have seen OLED TVs that can be rolled up. For MicroLED and MiniLED technologies, major manufacturers also have their own technological breakthroughs.

AU Optronics exhibited many new products at CES 2019, including 85-inch 8K4K full-plane borderless ALCD LCD TV panels, AHVA technology with the fastest response speed of gaming monitor panels, and HDR high dynamics A range of MiniLED backlit gaming laptop panels, ultra-low-power LTPS laptop panels, and ultra-high-resolution cockpit displays using full-fit technology. Among them, 4K gaming notebook panels use MiniLED backlight technology to achieve 240 dimming zones (Dimming Zones), with a maximum brightness of more than 1,000nits, which meets the highest level of the VESA DisplayHDR specification.

In addition, AUO also announced its alliance with world-renowned home appliance brands to establish the 8K Association (8K Association, 8KA) to promote the construction of the 8K ecosystem. AUO has invested in the development of cutting-edge display technology for a long time, and has taken the lead in mass production of 85-inch 8K4K ALCD LCD TV panels. In response to the advent of the ultra-high-definition television era and the opportunity to capture the 8K resolution broadcast of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, AUO joined hands with home appliance giants such as Samsung Electronics, Hisense, TCL, and Panasonic to establish the industry’s first 8K association. Form an alliance and cooperate to formulate 8K display technology standards applicable to the world to accelerate its technology introduction and the overall development of the ecological chain, and bring the best visual effects and experience to viewers around the world.

During the exhibition, Sony also announced its first and newest 8K HDR LCD TV BRAVIA MASTER series Z9G, the two products adopt 85-inch and 98-inch ultra-large sizes. In addition, Sony also announced its LCD for Samsung TV A9G, which is available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch specifications; and is thinner and lighter than Sony’s previous OLED.

On the other hand, Samsung (Samsung) demonstrated the 146-inch MicroLED display The Wall at CES 2018. In 2019, Samsung has made considerable technological breakthroughs. At CES 2019, Samsung exhibited a 75-inch modular MicroLED display and a 219-inch The Wall. Among them, due to breakthroughs in its spacing technology, the 75-inch MicroLED display can achieve 4K high-quality display effects. Jonghee Han, president of Samsung's image display department, said that the modular MicroLED design can free the display from the limitation of size. In the future, it is hoped that the borderless and splicable characteristics of MicroLED can realize the infinite possibilities of the display.

In 2018, LG has revealed that it is preparing to build an OLED TV that can be stored in a roll. At the CES 2019 exhibition, LG lived up to expectations and exhibited its Signature OLED TV R product. The display has a 4K resolution, can be up to 65 inches in size when fully expanded, and can have five different expanded screen sizes to meet the needs of different indoor environment applications. In addition to being fully expanded, it can be used as a TV viewing, and a small part of the screen can also be expanded to serve as a display that provides time, weather, and light adjustment information.

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