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Matters needing attention in customizing LCD liquid crystal module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
When customizing LCD modules, many customers are a little bit at a loss. They are even more confused about the parameters of the LCD screen. We use the various parameters of the LCD to guide customers on how to choose to get the most cost-effective product. The first and most critical thing is to confirm the customer's display content. 1. Customers want to display Chinese characters and need to change the page to display, so they can only choose dot matrix screen. 2. Customers who want to display characters or numbers, do not need Chinese characters, and need to turn pages, then select the character dot matrix module. 3. The customer's display content is a fixed display content, only a simple digital change, then you can choose to make a pen-segment LCD screen. The second confirmation is to select the mode according to the customer's display effect. 1. Black text on white background: TN HTN FSTN 2. Blue text on gray background: STN gray mold. 3. Purple words on yellow-green background: STN yellow-green. The above are all products with positive display. 4. White characters on blue background: HTN, STN 5. White characters on black background: TN and above VAFSTN are products with negative display. Third, according to the customer's use environment, choose whether to have a backlight and choose the mode of the polarizer. 1. If the customer needs to use it without an external light source, then we need to choose a product with a backlight for the customer. The LCD single mode can only choose transmissive or semi-transparent. The difference between transmissive and translucent is that the translucent type can be used when the backlight is on, or the backlight can be turned off. The effect is like a reflective LCD. 2. Customers don’t need to use it without an external light source. We can choose reflective LCD, or customers must choose low power consumption products, we also recommend customers to make reflective LCD. Fourth, according to customer requirements for viewing angle, choose the product model LCD with a relatively narrow viewing angle range: TNHTN viewing angle Wide range of LCD: STNFSTN VA Fifth, choose the viewing angle according to the assembly position of the customer's product 1. If the customer's product assembly position is higher, we generally choose 6 points, on the contrary we choose 12 points (the line of high and low here is the line of sight Head-up position) 2. Judge whether the angle of view is 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock. The main criterion is the direction in which our line of sight enters the screen. 3. Some customers have special requirements and only require to see clearly in the head-up range. At this time, we can choose 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock. Sixth, select the working temperature according to the working environment of the customer's product. 0-50 degrees is normal temperature, -10-60 is medium temperature, -20-70 wide temperature, and -30-80 super wide temperature.
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