Matters needing attention when using LED modules and methods of use

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
The first is the special switching power supply for LED: the power supply can only be moisture-proof, not waterproof, so the external power supply must be waterproof. The switching power supply adjusts the output voltage according to the characteristics of the mobile LED module. Please do not rotate the voltage adjustment button at will during use. The LED modules all use low-voltage input, and the power supply is required to be installed within 10 meters of the LED light-emitting module. LED has positive and negative poles. When installing, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power port. If the positive and negative connections are reversed, the module will not emit light and will not damage the LED module. Just change the connection and it will be normal. The LED module uses low-voltage input, so you must not directly connect to 220V without going through the power supply, otherwise it will cause the entire module to burn. When installing the mobile LED module, it is required to use double-sided adhesive or woodworking adhesive to make the module card slot and the blister base plate firmly adhered. When using double-sided tape, glass glue must be added, otherwise the module will fall off under long-term outdoor sunlight exposure. Remember! Remember! When blister characters or modules are installed in the box, try to use three-point and four-point lines. When connecting, try to make the whole character or the box form a loop or multiple loops, that is, use red and black power cords to connect The modules at the end of each stroke are connected according to the positive and negative poles. The number of power port outlet modules in series should not exceed 50 groups, otherwise the end module will be reduced in brightness due to voltage attenuation. Although the formation of a loop can avoid the occurrence of attenuation, it should not be connected to too many modules. LED modules that have not undergone waterproof treatment should be prevented from rainwater entering the font or box when they are installed in the font or box. The module spacing can be adjusted according to the brightness requirements, and the number of dots per square meter should be controlled between 50 and 100 groups. When the power cord is connected to the cabinet, it must first be connected to the corresponding four or three groups of modules through a four-point line or a three-point line. The power cord should be tied with a larger knot after entering the box to prevent it from being pulled off by the outside force. The length of single branch line is 12~m and 15~m respectively, according to actual use. The upturned connecting wires (including unused connecting wires) should be fixed to the blister bottom plate with glass glue to prevent shading. Do not push, squeeze, or press the components on the module during installation to avoid damage to the components and affect the overall effect. Remember! Remember! In order to prevent the connecting wire from easily falling off the wire holder, the wire holder is designed with barbs. If it is inconvenient to insert, it should be withdrawn and re-inserted. It must be confirmed that the cable is firmly inserted, otherwise it may fall off in the future.
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