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mini arduino multi function controller w/ lcd display

by:Kimeery     2020-04-03
This Instructure is built on the basis of the mini Arduino Environment Monitor and the mini Arduino EEG monitor Instructure.
It allows you to control up to 4 relays using time, temperature and/or light, your mind or any sensor you want to use.
These examples are prototypes and I don\'t go any further than putting them on a breadboard.
I haven\'t done a permanent case for them yet. The main purpose of this instruction is to demonstrate how to use arduino to control any device using sensor input and conditional logic to make decisions and activate the device.
My goal is to make these teaching cheap, simple, practical and fun.
Let\'s start with the timer controller: this example allows you to control the relay with the data provided by RTC.
You can turn the relay on and/or off using date and time data.
There are a number of instructures that show you how to do this, but this instructures gives you feedback status using a color LCD display.
To get started with this project, you will need to have a mini Arduino Environment Monitor with RTC built in.
We will add 4 relay modules.
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