Mobile phones enter the OLED era LGD: the company will continue to produce LCD screens

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

On the morning of June 5th, Beijing time, Apple will use OLED screens on future iPhones, but screen manufacturer LG Display still believes that LCD screens can still generate revenue.

LG Display believes that although companies such as Apple and Samsung have begun to use OLED screens on their mobile phones, a considerable part of LG Display’s revenue next year will still come from LCD screen sales. LG Display Ru0026D director Yoon Soo-young said that mass production of smartphone screens is very difficult.

LG Display’s strength is the production of large-size OLEDs, such as TV screens, while their competitor Samsung is better at producing small-size OLEDs, which are screens used in smart phones. Samsung has already locked all orders for high-end iPhone screens. LG Display’s OLED project has never brought profit to the company. The LCD for Samsung screen has a brighter display color and a more flexible shape, so the selling price is also higher.

Yoon said: 'I can hear the call for lower prices. We still need to make profits through LCD. OLED also needs a lot of investment, and we need to make money from the LCD business to support the investment required by LCD for Samsung.'

LG has already received orders for OLED TV screens from Sony, Panasonic and Skyworth, and their negotiations with Apple have not made any progress. The company predicts that the revenue from LCD for Samsung in 2020 will account for 40% of the total revenue, and the remaining 60% will come from LCD screens.

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