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national semiconductor introduces led driver with dynamic headroom control for automotive lcd backlight applications

by:Kimeery     2020-04-10
Clara, California. , Sept.
27/PRNewswire /--
National Semiconductor Corporation of America(NYSE: NSM)
The LM3492 LED driver, which has a dynamic clearance control function, is released today to drive current accurately and effectively to two independently dimmable LED strings.
LM3492 is a member of the state authority®Energy-
In automotive LCD backlight applications, an efficient product range maximizes system efficiency and reduces system complexity and cost.
The dynamic clearance control function of the Lm3492 dynamically adjusts the LED supply voltage through the boost converter feedback to the lowest level required to provide optimal system efficiency.
Three embedded MOSFETs reduce system complexity and cost.
The technical features of National\'s LM3492 LED DriverNational\'s LM3492 are integrated with a boost converter and two-
Efficient and economical channel current regulator
Effectively drive two independently dimmable LED light strings with a maximum power of 15 W and an output voltage of up to 65 V.
The integrated fast conversion rate current regulator allows very high contrast between high frequency and narrow pulse width dimming signals to reach 1000:1.
A single resistor can program the LED current from 50 mA to 200 mA.
Maximize efficiency and dynamic margin control (DHC)
The LED drive voltage is automatically adjusted to the lowest level.
DHC also provides a single bill of materials for the different quantities of led needed for backlight panels of different sizes, thus reducing overall development time and cost.
The LM3492 includes a multi-function communication pin as a dual
The directional input/output pins for command and diagnostic functions interface with the external MCU. In 20-
LM3492 pin thermal enhanced TSSOP package for design on National webbench®LED Designer for more information or to order samples, visit prices and availability, the price of LM3492 for National is $1.
75 and LM3492Q with AECQ-
Level 1 qualification 100 yuan 2. 10 in 1,000-Number of units.
National Semiconductor is the leader in power management technology and can get more information about National lighting products.
Known for its simplicityto-
Using analog integrated circuits and the world
First-class supply chain, high national
Performance simulation products make their customers\' systems more energy efficient.
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
National reported sales of $1.
The fiscal year 42 billion was 2010.
More information is provided on Www. national. com.
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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
National Semiconductor Corporation of America
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