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nec lcd technologies develops 4.1-inch system-on-glass lcd ...

by:Kimeery     2020-04-18
Tokyo, Japan, October 17, 2005(JCN Newswire)-
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
The successful development of a 4 was announced today. 1-inch (10. 4cm diagonal)
Wide Video Graphics Array (W-VGA), system-on-glass (SOG)
LCD display (LCD)
Mobile device module with industry
Leading picture quality.
The newly developed sog LCD module is for mass production at the end of 2006 and will be produced at low temperature polysilicon (LTPS)
LCD production line of NEC Akita Co. , Ltd.
New SOG modules are implemented in the following ways: 1)
At the same time, the pursuit of high-dimensional balance between wide color range and high brightness
By optimizing the back, NTSC gets a wide color range of 110% and a high brightness of 400cd/m2
Optical system and color filter based on high transmission ratio of LTPS thin film transistor (TFT)
LCD technology for amazing clarity and vivid color reproduction
Size LCD modules for mobile devices such as mobile phones, pda and digital cameras so far. 2)
By reducing the scale and the integrated instrument by integrating the peripheral circuit, the scale is reduced by the following methods :-
The use of LTPS makes the LCD frame narrower than the frame of amorphous silicon. -
The integration of semiconductor systems on the glass substrate of the tft LCD reduces the number of instrument components built into the new sog LCD.
Recently, the number of people using small loans has increased.
Size LCD modules for mobile devices and industrial applications, as current trends favor compact devices and portable and handheld instruments.
However, since traditional LCD modules for mobile devices do not include drive circuits, it is difficult for manufacturers to use traditional LCD in industrial and other applications.
The new sog LCD for nec LCD technology not only successfully incorporates a drive circuit and a model to reduce the size, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications, but also achieves an excellent level of image quality, enable it to meet the needs of mobile devices as well as the industrial and professional fields.
\"Recognize the need to develop small cars
Our nec LCD technology company has been working for many years to improve our SOG technology, one of our core competencies, models that can meet the needs of the industrial sector.
Looking into the future, we believe it will help sog LCD applications in this area, and we will continue to develop it further to provide higher dimensional image quality.
Hid etoshi Usui, department manager, product planning and marketing, nec LCD Technologies Co. , Ltd. said
The new sog LCD model will be presented on October 19 at FPD International 2005 in Yokohama Pacific, Japan-21. Copyright [c]
2005 JCN news agency.
All rights reserved.
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