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nec lcd technologies to enhance core product lineup of tft lcd modules for industrial use.

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Tokyo, Japan, April 11, 2006(JCN Newswire)-
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd. (
Nec LCD Display technology
Announced today that it will start shipping five new amorphous silicon films in a rowfilm-transistor (TFT)
LCD display (LCD)
Sampling before the end of June 2006.
All five new LCD modules are a follow-up to the nec LCD technologies core LCD module series for industrial use and enhance with a wider viewing angle, faster response time and wider operation
While maintaining compatibility, the temperature range is the predecessor product of predessor.
The main features of the new product are as follows: the industrial sector increasingly requires the screen to be highly visible to clearly display various information for easy reading.
Tolerances for multiple environments are also critical for accurate and vivid display in high or low temperature environments.
\"All five new upgraded models respond to a variety of needs in the industrial sector, including clear information display and extensive operations --
Temperature range and very high visibility.
In recent years, with the diversity of the installation location and the environment in which the equipment is used, this demand has been continuously upgraded, \"said hietoshiusui, department manager, product planning and marketing, nec LCD Technologies Co. , Ltd.
\"In addition, all new LCD is highly compatible with their predecessor products, which makes it easy for manufacturers to upgrade or replace.
Nec LCD technology has been committed to meeting the needs of current and potential customers.
\"Nec LCD technology will continue to pursue higher image quality, provide unparalleled products in the market for small LCD modules of mobile terminals, and will continue to contribute to the development of the next generation
The emergence of mobile devices and the development of new fields.
All new models will be on display at the 2006 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan on April 19-21.
About nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
One of the world\'s leading high-tech suppliers
Quality, innovation, positive-
Matrix LCD display (AM-LCDs)
Industrial and high-tech modules
Terminal monitoring market.
The company focuses on the development of three core technology fields: Super
SFT technology with large perspective, high brightness and fast response;
NLT technology across screens
Adapt to the design technology to meet the special needs of the flat panel display market.
Support from nec LCD technologies worldwide includes NEC Electronics America, Inc. (www. necelam. com)
And NEC Electronics Europe (www. nec. de)
Provide professional display solutions for their respective markets.
NEC LCD technologies has around 1,200 employees worldwide, providing one of the widest portfolio of products for the medical, factory automation, testing and measurement, entertainment, kiosks, POS and ATM markets.
Source: nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
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