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nec lcd technologies to launch new tft lcd module with wide aspect ratio suitable for display of multimedia information in portable terminals.

by:Kimeery     2020-04-18
Tokyo, Japan, June 2, 2006(JCN Newswire)-
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd. (
Nec LCD Display technology
It is announced today that it will start shipping new 4 samples in June. 3-inch(10. 9-centimeters-diagonal)amorphous-silicon, thin-film-transistor(TFT)
LCD display (LCD)
Module, part number NL4827HC19-
01B, with a wide quarterly Video Graphics Array (WQVGA)
Display technology and resolution of 480x272 pixels. Next-
Portable display terminals such as personal digital assistants (PDAs)
Photo Viewer and global positioning system (GPS)
Very advanced features are required to be able to store and copy large animation files.
As a result, the demand for large screens with resolution and aspect ratio of 16:9 is on the rise.
Nec LCD technology has designed a new TFT-
The LCD module is the first module to meet these requirements, and the display device of the next choice
Portable terminal applications. Major Features-
16: 9 wide screen with aspect ratio-
High brightness of 350 Candela/square meter (cd/m2)
This provides excellent lighting in the LCD panel and backlight system-
Touch screen for making new TFT-
LCD module is a good choice for mobile terminal use, it can reduce the development cost, shorten the lead time of portable equipment manufacturers include smallLCD module for portable equipment designed to contribute to the user
A friendly and networked information society. The new TFT-
The LCD module will be displayed on SID 2006 of mosconation Center in San Francisco, USA on June 5-9.
Main specifications for new 4. 3-
Additional information on inch LCD modules can be found at nec LCD Technologies, Ltd.
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
One of the world\'s leading high-tech suppliers
Quality, innovation, positive-
Matrix LCD display (AM-LCDs)
Industrial and high-tech modules
Terminal monitoring market.
The company focuses on the development of three core technology fields: Super
SFT technology with large perspective, high brightness and fast response;
NLT technology across screens
Adapt to the design technology to meet the special needs of the flat panel display market.
Support from nec LCD technologies worldwide includes NEC Electronics America, Inc. (www. necelam. com)
And NEC Electronics Europe (www. nec. de)
Provide professional display solutions for their respective markets.
NEC LCD technologies has around 1,200 employees worldwide, providing one of the widest portfolio of products for the medical, factory automation, testing and measurement, entertainment, kiosks, POS and ATM markets.
Source: nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
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