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by:Kimeery     2020-04-21
Tokyo, Japan, October 5, 2006(JCN Newswire)-
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
It is announced today that 12 new samples will begin to be shipped. 1-inch (31-centimeters-diagonal)
Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)
, Amorphous silicon, thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD)
Module, part number NL8060BC31-36.
The new LCD displays bright colors even in environments with high ambient light, such as outdoors in sunny weather or indoors in direct sunlight. This new 12. 1-
Inch model has highintensity back-
Lighting system and improved back efficiency
Due to the optimized design, the light is used, resulting in a brightness of 1100cd/m2, which is the highest brightness level in the class of color LCD modules for industrial use.
Therefore, high brightness can be maintained even if the touch screen is installed.
In addition, it implements a wide range of operations
-Temperature range
10 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.
These new enhancements make this new model ideal for installation at ATMs, vending machines, point-of-
Gas sales system-
Station and GPS navigator.
Nec LCD technology has long been committed to addressing the challenge of ensuring high visibility of industrial LCD in high ambient light and by applying its proprietary ST-NLT technology (
Suppress surface reflection of the LCD screen to improve efficiency on the backlight use)and SR-NLT technology (
LCD display technology based on dual screen).
However, in the case of the need for a touch screen, the light is usually reduced
Transmission ratio and surface reflection lead to deterioration of LCD screen visibility. \"Our newest 12. 1-
Industrial inch tft LCD realizes the ultra-high brightness of 1100cd/m2, which is the highest brightness in similar products, and solves the traditional problem of low visibility when the LCD display is exposed to high ambient light, even if the LCD is equipped with a touch screen, \"said Masaaki Hiroshima, department manager in charge of product planning and marketing, nec LCD Display Technology Co. , Ltd.
\"At nec LCD technology, we will continue to develop on the basis of many years of technical knowledge --
How to achieve the highest quality and innovation of the product.
\"Nec LCD Technologies will also start selling three other new amorphous silicon TFT color LCD modules.
12 new products are included. 1-inch (31cm-diagonal)
Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)
NL8060BC31 part number TFT color LCD module-42D, an 8. 4-inch (21cm-diagonal)
Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)
Color LCD module part number NL8060BC21-TFT04 and a 7. 0-inch (18cm-diagonal)
Wide quarterly Video Graphics Array (WQVGA)
Color LCD module part number NL4823BC37-TFT05.
All three new products achieve high brightness of 400cd/m2, high contrast of 600: 1, wide angle of view of 160 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically (
Contrast greater than 10:1)
, Fast response time of 25 MS and extensive operation-
-Temperature range
20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.
All new models including NL8060BC31-
36 FPD International 2006, to be held in Yokohama Pacific, Japan, from October 18-20.
Nec LCD technology takes into account the special needs of all its target markets to create products with its own unique technology and knowledge
How it has been cultivated over the years.
The company will continue to strengthen its product lineup with the goal of exploring new fields and markets.
* Please see www. nec. co.
Html for the main specifications of all four new LCD modules.
About nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
Nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
One of the world\'s leading high-tech suppliers
Quality, innovation, positive-
Matrix LCD display (AM-LCDs)
Industrial and high-tech modules
Terminal monitoring market.
The company focuses on the development of three core technology fields: Super
Wide view angle SFT technology with high brightness and fast response
NLT technology across screens
Adapt to the design technology to meet the special needs of the flat panel display market.
Global support from nec LCD technologies includes NEC Electronics America, Inc. , a sales and marketing subsidiary. (www. am. necel. com)
And NEC Electronics Europe (www. eu. necel. com)
Provide professional display solutions for their respective markets.
Nec LCD Technologies employs around 1,200 people worldwide to provide the broadest portfolio of products for the medical, factory automation, testing and measurement, entertainment, kiosks, POS and ATM markets.
Source: nec LCD Technology Co. , Ltd.
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