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Nematic liquid crystal

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
There are many types of liquid crystals, of which several are the most important, smectic, cholesteric and nematic. We focus our main energy on nematic liquid crystals, which is the one on the right. It is by far the most important raw material used in display technology, including twisted nematic, IPS and MVA modes. Nematic mobile LCDscreen arrangement: It is an elliptical cylindrical liquid crystal molecule. It can translate in any direction, and it can freely move forward or backward in the x-axis direction, including upward and downward as well as inward and outward directions as shown on the paper. It can even rotate in the direction of the long axis. It cannot swing and rotate freely in the y-axis and z-axis directions. It is restricted by its neighboring molecules. All the neighbors of this molecule are arranged along it. When it tries to swing in the y and z directions, it will hit its neighbors, so it is restricted. This is the basic model, and what you see are its liquid characteristics. First, it can translate in any direction, it can rotate in one direction, but the rotation in the other two directions is restricted, which determines its crystal characteristics, so it is liquid crystal, a mixture between the two .
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