Obtained investment from BOE, Versaite plans to build LCD and OLED high-end optical glue production lines in Pizhou

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

On August 10th, Pizhou City and Suzhou Fansite Material Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the industrial project.

According to our understanding, Versace acquired the Optical Adhesive Division of Hitachi Chemical in Japan. BOE has invested and is a core supplier of companies such as Apple. It plans to invest in high-end LCD and OLED optical adhesive production lines in Pizhou.

In recent days, Fansite completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by Sanxing Capital. This round of financing will continue to be used for technology research and development and capacity expansion.

OCA optical adhesive is a special adhesive used to bond transparent optical components, belonging to a category of pressure-sensitive adhesives. The optical acrylic glue is made into a substrate-free, and then a layer of release film is attached to each of the upper and lower bottom layers to form a substrate-free high-transmittance double-sided adhesive tape.

The current downstream applications of OCA adhesive materials mainly include LCD mobile phones, OLED mobile phones and Pad tablets, smart wearable devices and some high-end notebook computer markets. Due to the high technical requirements of OCA glue for mobile phone LCD for Samsung panels, the unit price of OCA glue for OLED mobile phone panels is much higher than that for LCD mobile phone panels.

With the popularization of new applications such as automotive electronics and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for OCA optical adhesives has entered a rapid growth channel. According to Binfu Capital's estimates, its global market size is expected to approach US$1 billion in 2020. However, the domestic market for OCA optical adhesives has long been monopolized by foreign companies such as 3M and Mitsubishi Chemical.

According to the official news of Sanxing Capital, Yang Yang, the investment director of Sanxing Capital, said that OCA optical glue, as a key material in the panel field, is still one of the few materials controlled by overseas companies. With a clear source of technology, Fansite is the only company we have seen that is expected to break the overseas blockade in terms of products and patents.

According to the data, Fansite was established in August 2016. Its official website shows that the optical glue production equipment comes from Japan and the patented technology comes from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

The current customers of Versaite include world-renowned terminal customers, well-known domestic mobile phone and tablet terminal customers, as well as large-scale module factories such as Tianma, TPK, Foxconn Group, Ford, BMW, Tesla and other vehicles client.

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