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Official announcement: Redmi has successfully achieved fingerprints under the LCD screen and can be mass-produced

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

On March 9, Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, President of China Region, and General Manager of Redmi Brand announced on Weibo that Redmi has successfully implemented LCD screen fingerprints on LCD screens!

At the same time, Lu Weibing also released a prototype demonstration video based on Redmi Note 8. In the video, Redmi Note 8 realizes fingerprint unlocking under the screen, and the recognition and unlocking speed is quite fast.

Improved mass production of fingerprints under LCD screen

All currently known under-screen fingerprint mobile phones of mass production models LCD for Samsung display screens are used, because LCD for Samsung screens have better light transmittance and toughness. Placing the fingerprint sensor under the screen has a relatively high light transmittance and can accurately reflect light.

The LCD screen has poor toughness and light transmittance, so it is extremely difficult to unlock the screen fingerprint on the LCD screen, but the upstream supply chain has been exploring on the LCD panel and has not given up .

In addition to Xiaomi, a fingerprint engineering machine under the LCD screen of Huawei has also been exposed before, and the unlocking speed is good. This technology is likely to be applied to Huawei's low-end mobile phones. With the breakthrough of Xiaomi, LCD screen mobile phones with under-screen fingerprint technology are expected to be not far from commercial use, and they can also be bought at a cheaper price.

Market research agency CINNO Research released a report saying that 2020 is expected to be the first year of mass production of fingerprint mobile phones under LCD screens. It is optimistic that the shipment volume this year is expected to exceed 6 million units, and it will rapidly increase to 52.7 million units. By 2024, shipments of fingerprint mobile phones under LCD screens are expected to grow to approximately 190 million units.

How does the fingerprint under the screen work?

According to Lu Weibing, the working principle of the screen fingerprint is simply to record the characteristics of the fingerprint and feed it back to the sensor at the bottom of the screen to determine whether it coincides with the user's initial fingerprint.

However, because the fingerprint sensor is under the screen, it needs to have a path to transmit optical or ultrasonic signals, which can only be implemented on the OLED screen at present. The LCD screen is always unable to enjoy this visible unlocking method because of the obstruction of the backlight module.

Currently, all LCD screen phones can only use back fingerprints or side fingerprints like Redmi K30.

The Redmi Ru0026D team has now overcome this problem by implementing screen fingerprints on the LCD screen and achieving mass production.

Innovative use of infrared high-transmitting film material, which greatly improves the passability of infrared light that cannot penetrate the screen. The infrared transmitter at the bottom of the screen emits infrared light. After the fingerprint is reflected, it penetrates the screen and reaches the fingerprint sensor to complete the fingerprint verification, which solves the problem of fingerprints on the LCD screen.

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