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OLCD display application range

by:Kimeery     2023-03-23
Kimeery display products are positioned as global middle and high-end OLCD display manufacturers, LCM and TFT LCD screen manufacturers, and wholeheartedly tailor product needs for each customer. The main supply products are TN, STN, FSTN LCD and mobile phone LCD modules, COB, COG, TAB , CSTN, TFT LCD modules, industrial display modules, automotive clocks, electronic instruments, CD, VCD. Car stereo. Car LCD remote control, household appliances, industrial instrument display, electronic dictionary, mobile phone, calculator, fax machine, mp3, handheld computer telephone, air conditioner, handheld electronic game console, calculator, electronic watch, electronic pet, BP machine, Electronic scales, mobile phones, electronic notepads, radios, etc., products are used in all aspects of social life. Application range of mobile phone LCD screen LCD screen can be classified according to industry applications as follows: Capacitive screen application Financial business system: ATM bank teller machine, automatic teller machine, investment transaction Kiosk, etc. Resists over a million touches and still operates flawlessly. Industry: factory automation control system, etc. Anti-glare and other strong light interference is the best choice for factories. Mobile phones: At present, Apple's iPhone, Motorola milestone. Samsung i8910 HD, Meizu's M8, Lenovo's O1 (Ophone), Nokia's X-6, Sony Ericsson's X10, and HTC's Hero have adopted capacitive screens. Medicine: Suitable for medical monitoring, drug list approval, and medical records in laboratories and clean rooms. It is completely free from contamination by blood and any chemical substances that will affect the operation. Public guide: household registration inquiry system and guide system, etc. Retail and catering industry: Vending machines, food ordering systems, shopping, ticketing public inquiries, on-board satellite navigation systems, etc. Reduce the risk of interrupting operations due to vibration and static interference. Video games: bingo machines, slot machines, poker machines, etc. Confront the hidden dangers of man-made sabotage and insist on the perfect performance of sustainable operation.

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Kimeery (HK) Industrial Limited always focus on the situation of global market and understands the importance factors of manufacturing mobile phone lcd display.
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