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OLCD may become a new opponent of OLED! Has the advantages of low cost and high brightness

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

In March of this year, FlexEnable officially launched OLCD display technology to the market. Recently, there have been media reports that FlexEnable is cooperating with display manufacturers and is expected to start mass production of OLCD in 2021.

In the TV field, products currently active in the TV market are mainly divided into three types of panels, namely QLED, OLED and LCD.

LCD is the liquid crystal technology that we are most exposed to at present. This technology is highly mature, with the highest production capacity at the current stage, and lower finished product prices. It is widely used in low-end products. OLED is mostly used in high-end products, of course, high-end also means high prices.

At present, LCD technology has matured, so the production cost and lifespan are relatively guaranteed. OLED has the advantages of excellent color performance, high contrast, and short response time. However, OLED currently has an insurmountable bottleneck. It is the issue of cost and product life.

OLCD can be understood as a flexible LCD, which has better ductility, is thinner, lighter, and shatter-resistant, can adapt to various surfaces, and the advantages of OLCD technology are reflected in cost and lifespan. . OLCD has very good application prospects in the field of large, medium and small size panels.

Compared with OLCD, dimensional stability has become the biggest challenge in the production of flexible LCD for Samsung screens with plastic substrates.

Excessive size changes make it extremely difficult to align the photomask, and also limit the size of the transistor design. At the same time, it is easy to generate internal stress at the interface between the organic and inorganic material layers, resulting in layer and Peeling between layers.

This makes the production of large-size flexible LCD for Samsung panels more technically difficult, which is also a major reason for the high cost of large-size OLED panels at present, and there are still certain difficulties in large-scale use.

FlexEnable is a company from the UK that has been committed to flexible displays and sensors. OLCD is the only display technology that can provide large-size, low-cost, high-brightness and high-brightness for flexible displays.

Relevant industry insiders said that although OLCD technology is not very mature compared with OLED, it is worth studying in the industry from the characteristics of OLCD. Due to the lower material cost, it will be more in the future. Opportunities are successfully industrialized.

OLCD may become a major competitor of LCD for Samsung in the future.

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