OLCD officially joins the battle, OLED may usher in new opponents

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

At the end of March 2020, FlexEnable officially launched OLCD display technology to the market. Recently, there have been media reports that FlexEnable is cooperating with display manufacturers and is expected to start mass production of OLCD in 2021.

Although OLED, known as the next-generation display technology, has the advantages of excellent color performance, high contrast, and short response time, LCD for Samsung currently has an insurmountable bottleneck: cost and product life issues.

OLCD can be understood as a flexible LCD, which has better ductility, is thinner, lighter, and shatter-resistant, can adapt to various surfaces, and the advantages of OLCD technology are reflected in cost and lifespan. , It is worth mentioning that OLCD has good application prospects in the field of large, medium and small size panels.

FlexEnable is a company from the United Kingdom that has been committed to flexible displays and sensors. In the current environment where LCD for Samsung mass production costs are high and expensive, FlexEnable has chosen to accelerate the mass production of OLCD.

According to FlexEnable's director of strategy Paul Cain, they are currently cooperating with display manufacturers and are expected to start mass production of OLCD in 2021.

FlexEnable believes, 'We can help customers re-use older LCD production lines to manufacture OLCD flexible displays. It can be said that OLCD is by far the lowest cost flexible display. We provide display manufacturers with Existing display factories have opportunities to obtain higher profits.'

In Paul Cain’s view, OLCD can directly use the existing LCD display production line to quickly shift to flexible OLCD manufacturing, while optimizing the supply chain, and at the same time , Paul Cain expects that more and more factories will adopt OLCD production.

In this regard, some industry veterans hold different opinions. Regardless of the fact that OLCD technology is not yet mature, if you look at the cost of a single material, even if OLCD can be successfully industrialized in the future, it may not be better than what it has already' 'Very qualified' flexible LCD for Samsung.

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