OLED hits the LCD market, polarizer manufacturer BenQ Materials will fade out and switch to electric vehicles

by:Kimeery     2021-06-05

Under the impact of tens of billions of dollars to build a factory in China to produce large-size liquid crystal display (LCD) TV screens, BenQ Materials decided to reduce its dependence on LCD revenue and gradually shifted to the electric vehicle parts market .

With the rise of new technologies such as LCD for Samsung (Organic Light Emitting Diode), LCD is under pressure. With the mass production of LCD panels, the oversupply in China has caused LCD prices to plummet. Chen Jianzhi, chairman and chief executive officer of BenQ Materials, said in an interview with Bloomberg that 'change is painful

At present, 90% of BenQ's revenue comes from polarizers. Chen Jianzhi hopes that it can be reduced to 70% initially, and then gradually reduced. Polarizer is an important part of LCD. Chen Jianzhi intends to slowly move into the electric car market. He said that BenQ Materials has contacted a major Japanese auto parts manufacturer to discuss the supply of parts for rechargeable batteries.

The timing for BenQ Materials to take this action was when LCD prices fell to hit the industry. According to research institute Witsview Technology, the price of 55-inch ultra-high-quality LCD screens fell 4.8% from the previous month on the 5th, which was much higher than the average drop of 2% in the previous six months. This is because Chinese companies have invested tens of billions of dollars to build factories to produce large-size LCD TV panels.

South Korea’s LG Display’s share price has fallen 32% this year and is expected to record its worst annual decline since 2011. Market analysts predict that LG Display will have an operating loss of 476 billion won (about 13.1 billion NT dollars) this year.

BenQ Materials is also affected. BenQ Materials, whose stock price soared 34% last year, has fallen 5.3%. From this point of view, the decision to fade out of the panel market is not so surprising. Chen Jianzhi said, 'Once there is a lack of technological advantages, the price decline will be very severe.' He refers to panels and polarizers. 'We must move to other areas.'

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