OLED shipments in the smartphone panel market surpassed LTPS LCD for the first time

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

According to South Korean media thelec, in the smartphone panel market, OLED panel shipments exceeded LTPSLCD for the first time in the third quarter. IHS Markit reports that LCD for Samsung shipments in the third quarter were 144 million, and LTPS LCD shipments were 144 million.

The shipment of rigid OLED panels has increased significantly, especially in low- and medium-priced smartphones produced by OEMs in China. In 2017, OEM manufacturers had 11 OLED mobile phone models, which increased to 30 in 2018 and 46 in 2019. Due to the launch of many new flagship products, including Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Promax, Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, flexible LCD for Samsung sales also increased in the third quarter.

IHS Markit said that the adoption of OLED panels by smartphone manufacturers is increasing, leading to the expansion of fingerprints under the smartphone screen. FOD is divided into optical and ultrasonic. The LCD panel has a backlight unit for blocking light and ultrasonic waves, so it is difficult to use both methods at the same time. The OLED panel has no backlight and is very thin, making the sensor easy to recognize fingerprints. At the end of this year, BOE announced mass production of low-cost LCD panels with built-in optical FOD, but it has not yet entered the production stage.

Panel manufacturers are increasing production capacity to meet the growing demand for OLEDs, and Samsung Display is absorbing most of the demand. According to IHS Markit, Chinese companies such as BOE, Visionox, and Tianma have all focused on the production of rigid OLEDs, but because they are still in their infancy, it is difficult to supply them in large quantities due to low yields. In terms of flexible OLEDs, BOE and LG Display have also begun supplying panels to Huawei, LG Electronics and Google, but shipments are still small. Samsung Display has no panel quality or quantity issues.

Samsung Display maintains a dominant position in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market. Samsung Display’s sales in the third quarter were 9.26 trillion won and operating profit was 1.17 trillion won. According to data from IHS Markets, Samsung Display’s LCD for Samsung shipments rose sharply in August and exceeded 50 million in September. (Smart display)

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