Orientation PI of the key material of LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
Orientation material PI Generally use PI (polyimide) orientation film in various LCD screendevices, usually PA (polyamic acid) solution, the orientation agent we coat is actually PA solution (polyamide acid soluble) In an organic solvent (NMP), it is cured by heating to form an infusible and insoluble stable polyimide alignment film, and the alignment direction of the liquid crystal molecules is controlled by the rubbing method. The polyamic acid solution will change greatly at high temperature or under the condition of a large amount of water in the solution. Therefore, special care should be taken not to leave it open for a long time when using it. PI material has good heat stability, excellent insulation properties and transparency. Orientation characteristics: The orientation of the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules in the direction determined by rubbing is the most basic alignment characteristic as a horizontal alignment treatment agent. In terms of horizontal alignment, if the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules is aligned completely parallel to the substrate in the absence of an electric field, disclinations called tilted domains occur when a voltage is applied. This phenomenon is caused by the energy equivalent of the rotation of the molecules in either direction when the liquid crystal molecules stand up. Therefore, in order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to make the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules and the substrate surface at a certain angle (oblique orientation) in the state of no electric field. This inclination angle is called the pretilt angle.
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