Overcoming material challenges, Shineward advances LCD photoresist technology

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

Ten years ago, the 'pain of lack of screen' was a major constraint that plagued the development of China's display industry. Ten years later, my country's display industry has ushered in rapid development, and various panel factories have sprung up everywhere, and the production capacity of TFT-LCD panels in the mainland has become the world's first. Among them, the hard work of domestic enterprises is inseparable, and the key role played by core materials such as photoresist is indispensable. LCD negative photoresist has a great influence on the display effects of liquid crystal panels (such as resolution, color, contrast, etc.), and it is destined to be an industry with 'high barriers'. According to incomplete statistics, due to the very high market concentration of LCD negative photoresist technology, more than 80% of enterprises are from abroad, and Chinese enterprises are catching up in this field. Fuyang Xinyihua Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Fuyang Xinyihua') is such an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of negative photoresist for LCD and the localization of materials for flat panel display. The overall technical strength of the negative photoresist developed and produced by the enterprise is firmly in the forefront of the country.

Recently, at the 2020 China New Display Industry Supply Chain Technology and Market Matchmaking Conference held by the China Electronic Materials Industry Association China Optical Electronics Industry Association LCD Branch, Zhang Xudong, general manager of Fuyang Xinyihua Material Technology Co., Ltd. Said: In 2013, the flat panel display industry in mainland China has been booming, and multiple 8.5-generation lines have been put into production one after another, which has greatly eased the 'pain of lack of screen' by domestic color TV companies and promoted the development of my country's flat panel display industry. However, more than 80% of the equipment and materials required for the 8.5-generation line at that time needed to be imported, which caused certain difficulties for the development of my country's flat panel display industry chain. In this context, Fuyang Xinyihua saw the opportunity to accelerate the localization of upstream raw materials for flat-panel displays and was committed to the localization of materials for flat-panel displays. The company was established in May 2013.

According to Zhang Xudong, color photoresist is an important raw material for the LCD industry, and it plays a key role in ensuring product color and contrast stability during the process of technological upgrading. Its production requires professional technologies such as photochemistry, organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, refining and purification, and microanalysis, and the industry has high technical barriers.

It is reported that the secret of image development in LCD displays lies in a layer of 2 micron thick color film in the LCD panel. The color of the color film is produced by color photoresist. Because the formula is difficult to adjust, 'Color photoresist' has become one of the key technologies that need to be broken through in the industry. Due to the extremely difficult Ru0026D and innovation of color photoresist materials, it has been difficult for China to realize self-research and large-scale commercial production for a long time. With the rapid development of my country's display industry, Fuyang Xinyihua has been preparing for a long time in order to achieve self-research and self-production on the LCD track and catch up with the international market. Zhang Xudong introduced that the Ru0026D team has been exploring this field since 2006. Subsequently, Fuyang Xinyihua was established, taking the field of display materials represented by color photoresist as one of the key areas of enterprise focus and product development. In 2014, the first batch of photoresist shipments will be realized; in 2020, the company is expected to ship 1,500 tons; in 2024, the shipment is expected to further increase to 6,000 tons.

Due to the gradual upgrade of domestic flat panel display companies, they have a larger market in the world, and the photoresist located in the upstream of the industrial chain has huge market potential. Data shows that the global market for negative photoresists for flat panel displays The scale exceeds RMB 10 billion. To this end, Fuyang Xinyihua has established a domestic annual output of 4,000 tons of color photoresist, relying on its core competitiveness in molecular design, nano-control, and ultra-clean control. At the same time, the second phase of the 2 tons of LCD for Samsung independent light-emitting materials project has started construction, and the annual output value is expected to increase by 300 million yuan after it reaches production.

China's display industry has gone all the way to the world stage, unavoidably overcoming obstacles along the way. Entering 2020, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will be significantly affected. The risks of industry downturn have led many companies to increase scientific research and innovation in order to enhance their core competitiveness. Fuyang Xinyihua is also promoting scientific research and innovation in an orderly manner, accelerating the industrialization of technological achievements, and promoting high-quality development of the enterprise. At present, Xinyihua has accumulated valuable development experience in nano-dispersion, UV curing, formulation control, small molecule design and synthesis. 'The outbreak of the epidemic has encouraged us to increase Ru0026D investment. The company already has 179 usable patents in the material field, including 97 patents related to LCD negative photoresist. In 2020, the company expects that the number of patents will increase by 30.' Zhang Xudong said.

Fuyang Xinyihua and other domestic photoresist companies are currently rapidly improving their technical strength, and at the same time continue to support photoresist upstream companies to jointly break through the technical bottleneck. Zhang Xudong said that he is currently actively communicating and communicating with domestic upstream companies to discuss domestic independent supply implementation plans, with a view to achieving domestic supply within five years.

Mastering material innovation and technology is the key focus of Chinese technology companies. However, the sustainable development of companies still depends on the coordinated development of domestic related industrial ecology. The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain need to jointly improve the technological level to achieve manufacturing Great development of innovative technology and efforts to realize the localization of key electronic chemical materials.

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