Panel/polarizer/LCM factory starts to increase prices, LCD TV cabbage price era is over

by:Kimeery     2021-06-09

In the past two years, the price of LCD TVs has almost collapsed. 55-inch 4K TVs have reached a thousand yuan level, and the price of cabbage has equally popularized large-size 4K TVs. Behind this is the price war of LCD manufacturers, but now the good days are coming to an end, because the price is too low, in July, some panel manufacturers began to raise their prices by 20%.

According to reports, in the context of LCD panel price increases, some LCD panel manufacturers have raised their product prices one after another.

Three LCD display manufacturers, including Yuntang Optoelectronics and Lijun Feiyang, said that due to the skyrocketing price of glass panels (liquid crystal panels) and the tight supply and demand of materials, production costs have risen sharply. Since July, All products are increased by more than 20% based on the original price.

These companies are not yet giants in LCD panels, but the signs of price increases are already obvious, especially this year Samsung and LG have announced their withdrawal from LCD panel production, and the main production capacity will be in the hands of Chinese companies. At the end of last year, the production capacity of domestic LCD panels exceeded 50% of the world, and the share will continue to expand this year.

With the price increases of these three manufacturers, it is expected that domestic panel giants such as BOE and TCL will follow up in the future. Large-screen LCD TVs with ordinary cabbage prices will become scarce.

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